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Norm Architects

Norm Architects


Architect and partner at Norm Architects.

Norm Architects was founded in 2008 in the heart of Copenhagen, and works with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphics, and art direction. The inspiration for the name Norm stems from the traditions, standards, and development that architecture has undergone for centuries, the ‘aesthetic norms,’ so the name compliments Norm Architects' focus on quality, durability, and timelessness.

The creative process of Norm Architects has the goal of not only finding out how the task is to be finished, but also why. Why should the product be designed? Why should customers even buy the product? By including these considerations, Norm Architects manages to interact in a deeper design dimension, creating durable, usable, and beautiful products.
Norm Architects have always focused on an end result that should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Thus, their projects are characterized by a unique and minimalist impression, with a choice of materials that is always complementary.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, one of the chief designers and partners at Norm Architects has long exceeded traditional architectural boundaries to design products at home and abroad. Jonas' designs for Norm Architects have won prestigious awards such as Red Dot, IF Design Award, Design Plus Award, and the Good Design Award.